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Vijayabaskar S, 2015
Anna University, Certain investigations on radial Distribution system optimization With capacitor and facts devices Through hybrid heuristic technique, in

Ruba soundar K, 2015
Anna University, Study of facial image recognition based on a combined approach of preserving global and local features, in

Vijayakumar A, 2015
Anna University, A study on fracture of components With short cracks using threshold Methods, in

Albert alexander S, 2015
Anna University, Performance enhancement of solar Fed cascaded multilevel inverter Using new and existing techniques, in

Selva nidhyananthan S, 2015
Anna University, Text independent speaker Identification system using fused mel Frequency feature sets based on Gaussian mixture model, in

Suma shankaranand, 2015
Anna University, Speech recognition system for Handheld devices, in

Juliet josephine joy J, 2015
Anna University, Synthesis characterization and Investigation of optical and magnetic Properties of rare earth yb nd gd and dy Doped cowo4 nanomaterials, in