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Saravanakumar S, 2015
Anna University, Certain investigations and Development of novel restoration Algorithms for removal of impulse Noise in digital images, in

Mohanraj E, 2015
Anna University, Secured QOS routing using multicast Group self assessment in manet, in

Sumathi R, 2015
Anna University, Dual similar solutions of boundary Layer flows over horizontal and Vertical plates, in

Vijaya lakshmi P, 2015
Anna University, Certain investigation on security and Node compromise attacks in a Distributed wireless sensor network, in

Jagadhesan B, 2015
Anna University, Domain dependent vertical Scalability for developmental Efforts on E content, in

Agalya A, 2015
Anna University, Removal of textile dyes from Aqueous solutions by activated Carbon and polymer coated saw dust Composites of euphorbia tirucalli l Wood a comparative study, in