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Sriramachandran G V, 2015
Anna University, A study on acceptance sampling plans Based on truncated life tests for Some exponentiated probability Distributions, in

Suma shankaranand, 2015
Anna University, Speech recognition system for Handheld devices, in

Viswanathan K R, 2015
Anna University, Selective catalytic reduction of nox on new catalytic systems, in

Santhanalakshmi M, 2015
Anna University, Investigations on design and analysis Of amplifiers and filters for mobile And biomedical applications, in

Babu T, 2015
Anna University, Heuristic algorithm based Controller design and stability Analysis using model order Reduction of interval system, in

Abhilash mohan, 2015
Anna University, Studies on the application of Machine learning algorithms in Computational biology, in

Shanmuga sundari S, 2015
Anna University, Growth of single crystals synthesis Of ceramics influence of shi Irradiation and magnetic additives On ceramics of relaxor Ferroelectrics na0 5bi0 5tio3 batio3, in