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Uma E, 2015
Anna University, Dynamic security algorithms for The detection and prevention Of attacks in web services, in

Savitha S, 2015
Anna University, Synthesis and characterization of Novel phase transfer catalysts For polymerization of alkyl Methacrylates, in

Thomas michael, 2015
Anna University, A study on the factors influencing Consumer preferences towards brand Extensions and their impact on parent Brands image with reference to fast Moving consumer goods FMCGS, in

Suresh kumar R, 2015
Anna University, Soft computing based tuning of PID Controller for boost converter, in

Suryia prabham, 2015
Anna University, Studies on production of protease and esterase from lysinibacillus fusiformisau01 purification biochemical characterization and application of protease, in

Geetha ganapathi, 2015
Anna University, Study and analysis of emerging soft Computing approaches to intelligent Systems in pattern recognition, in