Publishing Options

We offer several publishing options. The one you choose will determine the format and distribution possibilities of your book. The first step is to combine your dissertation into a single document and convert it into an Adobe Acrobat PDF file. Once it is in PDF format, it can be distributed it in both electronic and paperback formats, depending on the option you choose below. Or, if you send us your manuscript in MS Word format, we can transform your typescript into a professional-looking book layout with a custom designed cover.

Publish your work in eBook and/or paperback editions. Authors earn royalties from 10% to 20%. Just submit your work in Acrobat PDF file format with a completed Submission Form and Publishing Agreement. Once published, you will receive royalties for ebook copies when sold. For an additional fee, you can make your work also available in a paperback edition. The layout of paperback edition is identical to the PDF edition, but in perfect bound, 7.44" x 9.69" trade paperback format. See our newest option at the bottom for the most professional presentation. We can transform your typescript to a book layout so your manuscript looks more like a professional publication than a private monograph. Our designers can create a custom designed cover with beautiful artwork, retypeset, format, and paginate your manuscript in 6" x 9" format for just a few hundred dollars.

The standard ebook option provides for ebook distribution from our website. Since most major booksellers do not sell "ebook only" titles, choosing the paperback option will make your work available in hundreds of other bookselling venues. The cover art and formatting options are primarily for aesthetic purposes. However, a more professional layout lends credibility and increases interest in already praiseworthy work.

Post Abstract free

Add the abstract of your thesis or dissertation to our abstract database if the full text is already available online. If the full text PDF isn't freely available at your university or institution's website, post the PDF at your personal website and enter a link to it when submitting your abstract details.

eBook Publication $99

Simply submit your English language dissertation in Acrobat PDF format.

    FREE ebook publication includes:
  • Assignment of ISBN (International Standard Book Number)
  • Web page and abstract available to Internet search engines.
  • Electronic ebook edition offered for sale online at,, and other ebook sellers.
  • 10% to 20% author royalty on sales according to the Publishing Agreement.

Optional PDF file conversion service available below or convert it online at Adobe.

Optional Paperback Edition $499

Paperback setup fee is $499 (in addition to $99 ebook pub fee.) Authors may purchase additional copies at 40% off the retail price. Author royalties do not apply to these copies. Please complete Book Proposal for peronal reply and complete details based on your manuscript.

Paperback editions are printed on-demand at facilities in the United States, United Kingdom, and Australia, and made available through booksellers worldwide. Includes all the features of eBook publication, plus the benefits of having a paper edition.

Manuscript must be available as PDF file in order to setup as a paperback edition.

Optional PDF Conversion Service $100

We recommend submitting your manuscript in PDF format. Submitting your work in PDF format will speed the publication process and ensure that no formatting changes occur. See tips for conversion on Help & FAQ page.

If you don't have access to the full version of Adobe Acrobat we can help convert your manuscript from MS Word format to PDF format for $100. Simply submit your manuscript file in MS Word format and request our PDF Conversion Service. Make sure your manuscript is completely proofed and ready to publish before submitting it for conversion. $100 covers the one conversion. Additional rounds of conversion cost $35 each.

Optional Cover Art Setup $200

Standard cover includes setup of title and author name on the front cover and spine, plus abstract, ISBN, and price barcode on the back. Authors may submit color or black and white artwork in TIF format for the cover, or let our graphic designer create an attractive design with stock photos or abstract art for $200

Standard Cover Art

Optional Cover Art Setup

Optional Typesetting and Page Layout $625 *

Standard layout reproduces the layout that you submit. Optional typesetting and page layout transforms your manuscript file from a standard double spaced MS Word document to a professional-looking book layout. Includes PDF conversion. See typical layouts below.

Typical page layout as submitted by author

Optional Typesetting and Page Layout
performed by

  • $625 typesetting fee includes up to 200 original pages, 5 one page charts, 10 figures, and two rounds of changes.
  • Additional pages are $3.50/each.
  • Additional figures or images are $15/each, one page charts are $50/each.
  • Additional rounds of changes or corrections before manuscript is approved for publication are $35/each.
  • Add $195 for comprehensive index. (Author supplies list of terms to index.)
  • Typesetting and layout services generally add 4 to 6 weeks to the publishing process.

Please click here to contact the publisher to arrange for typesetting services before you submit your manuscript for publication. Once you click the link above you will be taken to a form where you will be requested to upload your manuscript enabling us to review the technical aspects of your document and confirm the total cost of the project. If you do not wish to upload your manuscript at this time you may indicate in the Comment Field any questions or concerns that you may have so a representative will be able to assist you.