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Solution or Stalemate?

Peace Process in Turkey, 2009-2013

by Baturay Yurtbay

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Institution: King's College London
Advisor(s): Dr. Ahron Bregman, Prof. Dr. Philip Sabin
Degree: MA
Year: 2016
Volume: 94 pages
ISBN-10: 1612334539
ISBN-13: 9781612334530


The Kurdish question started to be discussed especially after the establishment of Republic of Turkey in year 1923. This problem has many different aspects, as well as sociological and political problems. PKK, the terrorist organization, constitutes another dimension of this problem.

The peace process for the sustainable peace regarding with the Kurdish question and PKK took place in year 2009. This process aimed to end the PKK terrorism and to solve the Kurdish question from its roots through effective and permanent methods. However, the solution process begun in year 2009 by the AKP government in Turkey could not be resolved but it turned to a stalemate because of inconclusive and abstracts steps followed in the process, as well as the foreign difficulties. This research will examine why and how this peace process failed. This study, which includes the interviews with Isik Kansu and Osman Taney Korutürk, aims to shed some light to the resolution process in Turkey from different political and sociological perspectives, by considering discussions on the political failures, political judgement and strategic decisions.

About The Author

Born in year 1990 in Zonguldak/Turkey, Baturay Yurtbay studied Political Science and International Relations and Sociology (as double major) at Yeditepe University. During his education, he also studied various universities such as The Hague University of Applied Sciences as exchange student, and Beijing Language and Culture University for learning Chinese, and University of Oslo. After the graduation in year 2015, he received a scholarship and did MA degree in the department of War Studies at King’s College London, and then graduated with honour degree from the King’s College London in year 2016. At King’s College London, he wrote an MA thesis titled “Solution or Stalemate: Evaluation of AKP, PKK and Kurdish Question in the context of Peace Process in Turkey between 2009 and 2013” under the supervision of Dr. Ahron Bregman and Prof. Dr. Philip Sabin. His main research areas are the political sociology, social movements, terrorism, state, and democracy. As a research assistant in the department of Sociology at Yeditepe University, he is currently doing his PhD in the department of Political Science and International Relations. He speaks Turkish, English and German besides intermediate Chinese.