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Building on Nietzsche's Prelude

Reforming Epistemology for the Philosophy of the Future

by Musa al-Gharbi

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Institution: University of Arizona [Tucson; AZ; USA]
Advisor(s): Dr. Jonathan Weinberg, Dr. Marga Reimer, Dr. Stewart Cohen
Degree: M.A. in Philosophy
Year: 2013
Volume: 100 pages
ISBN-10: 1612334253
ISBN-13: 9781612334257


Drawing from the "anti-philosophies" of Nietzsche and Wittgenstein, and deploying a methodology which synthesizes critical theory with evolutionary psychology and contemporary cognitive science, our analysis demonstrates:

1. Justifications, in any context, are oriented towards social manipulation and bear no relation to any "cognitive processes."
2. The role of logic is overstated, both with regards to our justifications, and also our cognition.
3. Truth and falsity are socio-linguistic functions which have no bearing on any "objective reality."

Insofar as these claims are correct, the methods and aims (both normative and descriptive) of "classical epistemology" are invalidated. We offer up a proposal as to what a more useful/meaningful epistemology might look like, exploring how such a reformulation might affect conceptions of "knowledge" and "rationality."

About The Author

Musa al-Gharbi is a research fellow with the Southwest Initiative for the Study of Middle East Conflicts (SISMEC), where his research explores how ignorance, misinformation and disinformation adversely affect policy in the geopolitical and tactical spheres. He has an MA in philosophy from the University of Arizona.