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Anxiety and Stress

How Poor Performance and Absenteeism Affect the Workplace

by Angela Stinson

Paperback e-Book PDF
Institution: Strayer University
Advisor(s): Steven L. Jordan, Sr., Ph.D.
Degree: Master of Health Services Administration
Year: 2009
Volume: 96 pages
ISBN-10: 1599423022
ISBN-13: 9781599423029


This research defines stress and anxiety and explores the various signs and symptoms of each condition. In addition to defining each condition, the research investigates how the effects of a person suffering from stress and/or anxiety can affect work performance and workplace financials. One aspect of workplace financials discussed are the effects of workman’s compensation and disability claims. Additional chapters of the study explore various health conditions that can arise from excess or untreated stress and anxiety, an assortment of causes for stress and anxiety and some of the most common prevention and treatment techniques used to treat stress and anxiety.