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Investigations on the Recovery of Phosphorus from Wastewater by Crystallization

by Laura Pastor

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Institution: Universidad Politécnica de Valencia Valencia
Advisor(s): Jose Ferrer
Degree: Master's in Chemical Engineering
Year: 2005
Volume: 43 pages
ISBN-10: 1581123337
ISBN-13: 9781581123333


In recent years, due to expanding populations and industries, regulatory authorities have imposed tighter discharge limits on nutrients from wastewater treatment facilities to avoid eutrophication in water streams. Common methods, such as metal salt precipitation, are being used to lower phosphorus concentrations which are a main contribution. However, alternate phosphorus removal techniques, such as phosphorus crystallisation, can provide further benefits. Precipitated solid can be utilised as a marketable fertiliser. Principles of magnesium and ammonia phosphate precipitation, working with a synthetic wastewater and a supernatant coming from dewatering an anaerobic digested sludge, are studied in this work.

NOTE: This thesis is in Spanish.