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An Assessment Study of the Effect of Cost and Dose on the Hemodialysis Treatment in Colomb

by Victor H. Nunez

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Institution: North Central University
Advisor(s): J. Forbes, G. Aasef, R. Yellen
Degree: Ph.D., Business & Management
Year: 1999
Volume: 84 pages
ISBN-10: 158112077X
ISBN-13: 9781581120776


Scope of Study: This dissertation investigates the effect of cost and dose on the hemodialysis treatment modality. This modality of dialysis is an alternative to renal transplantation for people diagnosed with end-stage renal disease. The mortality rate is used as a quality indicator of the hemodialysis treatment by assessing the quality of service in Colombia and comparing it with the quality of service in the United States.

Findings and Conclusions: The hypothesis testing used in this research shows that there is a significant difference between the delivered dose of hemodialysis in Colombia and the United States. The mortality rate for patients in hemodialysis in Colombia for a comparable age group (45-64) is higher than that of the United States. This is attributed in great part to the effect of the hemodialysis dose on the treatment. A simple linear regression shows a strong negative relationship between mortality rate and dose. Cost also has an impact on the quality of service of the hemodialysis therapy. Nevertheless, a direct relationship between cost and mortality rate could not be established. Factors such as patient's vascular access and dialyzer flow rates are not evaluated in this investigation.