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Role of Automation in PPC Management: Google Ads Smart Bidding Strategies and Opportunities for third-party solutions

by Kamal Allazov

Institution: Corvinus University of Budapest
Department: Marketing
Degree: Master's Degree
Year: 2020
Keywords: pay-per-click automation, ppc management, google ads, smart bidding strategies
Posted: 03/26/2021
Record ID: 2222246
Full text PDF: https://www.researchgate.net/publication/350399882_Role_of_Automation_in_PPC_Management_Google_Ads_Smart_Bidding_Strategies_and_Opportunities_for_third-party_solutions/stats


As the advertising effectiveness depends on several factors, growing large PPC accounts become hard to manage and optimize. In that stage, automated optimization and management solutions become economically and practically available. Increasing the efficiency requires human intuition and routine optimization tasks for PPC managers in manual bidding. Although manual bidding gives more control on the PPC campaigns, larger accounts create larger challenges when managing thousands of keywords and ad groups. Additionally, human intelligence lacks to find all correlation among different variables for several campaigns at the same time. In order to decrease this guesswork many PPC management tools offered by third parties and Google Ads introduced its solutions to increase the advertiser experience. Both PPC agencies, which serve companies in the optimization, reporting, management of the advertising campaigns, third-party software companies and PPC platforms (Google, Bing etc.) introduce their unique solutions to manage PPC accounts. This study investigates the effect of automation solutions introduced by Google Ads, analyzes the results of using Google Ads Smart Bidding Strategies and the marketplace of PPC Automation, and gives a future prediction about the possible changes in the way of automation with non-empirical research.