AbstractsPolitical Science

Do Realists Overestimate the Extent to Which National Security and Power Politics are Related to One Another?

by Firas Nawfal Dabbagh

Institution: Staffordshire University
Department: Faculty of Arts and Creative sciences
Degree: Master's Degree
Year: 2019
Keywords: power politics, national security, realism, neorealism, libralism, realists, librals
Posted: 02/14/2021
Record ID: 2222244
Full text PDF: http://staffs.ac.uk


This dissertation examines the extent to which realists have overstressed the link between power politics and the attainment of national security. It focuses on the relation between national security and power politics from the realist perspective and reflects upon two non-realist approaches - liberalism/neoliberalism and feminism - to identify other areas of realizing national security, that realists have overlooked. The dissertation shall conclude that national security is a multidimensional concept; that states must seek to adapt their strategies to benefit accordingly from this understanding, where power politics is only one means among others to achieve national security.