Kit Carson's Last Fight: The Adobe Walls Campaign of 1864

by David A Pafford

Institution: University of New Mexico
Year: 2017
Keywords: Kit Carson; Kiowa Adobe Walls; History; Military History; United States History
Posted: 02/01/2018
Record ID: 2154761
Full text PDF: http://digitalrepository.unm.edu/hist_etds/165


In the fall of 1864, Brigadier General James H. Carleton sent Kit Carson and about four hundred men on a punitive campaign against the Kiowa and Comanche Indians of the high plains. The resulting battle was one of the largest in the history of North American Indian Wars. Yet this conflict has been relegated to historical obscurity. In this paper, I examine why Kit Carsons 1864 Adobe Walls Campaign remains obscure, I measure the success of the mission, and place it in the larger context of nineteenth century Indian Wars, particularly those prosecuted against Plains tribes. Advisors/Committee Members: Dr. Paul Andrew Hutton, Dr. L. Durwood Ball, Dr. Margaret Connell-Szasz, Dr. Jerry D. Thompson.