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Effect of corticosteroid medication of periodontal and implant related procedures

by Saroj Kumar Saha

Institution: University of Colorado at Denver
Year: 2016
Keywords: Dentistry
Posted: 02/05/2017
Record ID: 2127537
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Background: Corticosteroid medications have been researched extensively in oral surgery procedures for the proposed reduction in trismus, swelling, and pain. No consensus has been determined for the most efficacious type, timing, and dosage of medication thus far. In addition little is known about the usage of corticosteroids for periodontal and implant related procedures. The aims of this review are to help clinicians understand the usage of corticosteroid medications in various dental surgeries. Methods: The PubMed-MEDLINE and the Cochrane-CENTRAL databases were searched through and up till June 2015 to identify appropriate studies regarding this aim. Appropriate studies were those reporting on the usage of corticosteroids related to its pathophysiology, surgical related outcomes, and patient related outcomes in dental procedures. Conclusions: The search yielded 256 unique papers after selection resulted in 12 publications that met the eligibility criteria. In general the usage of corticosteroids in third molar extractions improved post operatives outcomes related to edema, trismus, and a slight reduction in pain. However, It cannot be recommended to use corticosteroids for pain management. Due to the various types, routes, and dosages of corticosteroid used in studies, no specific drug, route, or dosage can be recommended by literature. The usage of corticosteroids for periodontal and implant related procedures has not been investigated. Further research is required to investigate the possible benefits of corticosteroids on reduction of surgical swelling in periodontal and implant related surgeries.