Transitional housing for minorities in the Inglewood community| A grant proposal

by Evelyn Jones

Institution: California State University, Long Beach
Year: 2016
Keywords: Social research; Social work; Ethnic studies
Posted: 02/05/2017
Record ID: 2108266
Full text PDF: http://pqdtopen.proquest.com/#viewpdf?dispub=10024095


The purpose of this project was to write a grant proposal to fund a transitional housing program for disenfranchised minority youth between the ages of 16-24 who are students at Youth Justice Coalition (YJC) in Inglewood, California. This program will provide underprivileged youth with an opportunity to have a basic life need met, while developing autonomous abilities that will serve as a core foundation to help youth who are identified as marginal at best to reach self-actualization, thus breaking the generational cycle of depravity and immobilization. The transitional housing program's foundational core is centered on the Ecological Perspective, which takes into account not only the individual, but also the environment from which the individual came as a basis to better understand how to best meet the needs of those from various walks of life. The submission and/or funding of this grant was not a requirement for the successful completion of this project.