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Cardiac non-invasive diagnostic center

by Chetan V Gujarathi

Institution: California State University, Long Beach
Year: 2016
Keywords: Health care management
Posted: 02/05/2017
Record ID: 2080364
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Heart disease has been responsible for a significant number of morbidities and mortalities over the last century. As lifestyles and cultures change, so does the approach of management of the disease. With the advent of new technology over the last 6-7 decades the approach towards diagnosing heart diseases has changed a lot. Tools like electrocardiogram, two-dimensional echocardiography, cardiac stress test, Holter monitoring, etc. have become essential in the primary and secondary prevention of heart disease, and also in its management. This clinic is an effort to make these tests easily accessible, affordable and reliable to the patients and potential patients residing in the Orange County area who are at risk for heart diseases.