AbstractsAstronomy & Space Science

The BMS algebra and black hole information

by JM van Ven

Institution: Universiteit Utrecht
Year: 2016
Posted: 02/05/2017
Record ID: 2068850
Full text PDF: http://dspace.library.uu.nl:8080/handle/1874/335299


As a means of working towards solving the information paradox, we discuss conformal diagrams of evaporating black holes. We generalize the Schwarzschild solution to the asymptotically flat Bondi-metric and give a derivation of its asymptotic symmetry algebra, the BMS algebra. We discuss the interpretation as a charge algebra of zero-energy currents. Finally, we establish the centrally extended BMS-algebra as the semi-simple product of the Virasoro algebra acting on a representation. Advisors/Committee Members: Vandoren, Stefan, van de Leur, Johan.