AbstractsSocial Work

Self-esteem and utilization of student support services on a high school campus

by Laura Lopez

Institution: California State University – Sacramento
Department: Social Work
Degree: MSW
Year: 2015
Keywords: Self-esteem; Adolescents
Record ID: 2062485
Full text PDF: http://hdl.handle.net/10211.3/139334


The purpose of this quantitative research study was to investigate the relationship between self-esteem and utilization of student support services on a continuation high school campus as well as to explore the relationship between adolescents??? help seeking patterns and self-esteem. Responses from 47 participants were analyzed and showed that self-esteem had no relationship with utilization of services nor help-seeking patterns (t(45)=.-539, p=.593). The relationship between utilization of support services and help-seeking was approaching significance and indicated that students who utilized support services had slightly higher help seeking willingness than students who did not utilize support services t(18)=2.089, p=.051). Findings indicate a greater need for more research involving help-seeking patterns and adolescents in high school.