AbstractsSocial Work

Exploring parents??? perceptions of the psychological impact of divorce or parental separation on children

by Jenny Thi Nguyen

Institution: California State University – Sacramento
Department: Social Work
Degree: MSW
Year: 2015
Keywords: Social Work; Divorce; Parental separation; Psychological effects of divorce on children
Record ID: 2061776
Full text PDF: http://hdl.handle.net/10211.3/139473


Generally speaking, children have a difficult time with divorce or parental separation. In many instances, parents pay no attention to reflect on the ramifications of the effects of the divorce or parental separation on their children. The purpose of this Master???s Project is to understand the psychological consequences and how a positive parental relationship is a significant component to minimize the potentially detrimental effects. The quantitative survey research asked 34 adult parents to answer questions regarding the psychosocial effects of divorce or parental separation on children based on their perceptions, experiences, and knowledge as an adult parent. The results from this research suggest that the respondents are aware of the psychological effects of divorce on children and also parents. Another significant finding from the results are that parents fully support the concept of positive parenting equipped with collaboration from both parents while raising their children despite going through a divorce or separation. Lastly, implications for social work practice and limitations of the study are also explored.