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Attitudes of adult L1 Bulgarians towards native-like pronunciation in L2 English

by Kelly E. Evans

Institution: Central Connecticut State University
Department: Department of English
Year: 2015
Keywords: English language – Pronunciation by foreign speakers.; Bulgarians.
Record ID: 2061320
Full text PDF: http://content.library.ccsu.edu/u?/ccsutheses,2063


This exploratory study examines the attitudes of Bulgarian L1 speakers towards native-like pronunciation in L2 English. As the role of English as an international language changes how people use and speak English in their daily lives, it is important to continue to assess the needs of students in all areas of second language acquisition. The current study surveyed adult Bulgarian L2 English speakers to gauge prevailing attitudes towards producing target-like pronunciation with a view towards pragmatic use in the classroom. Participants provided a recorded sample of speech and filled out attitudinal and motivational surveys. An analysis of survey responses indicated that more than half of the participants desired to attain a native-like accent in their L2 English. Further analysis of transcribed passages recorded by each participant shed light on phonemic differences between native speakers and each participant in the group. Findings, when coupled with the responses on the survey, showed a complex state of attitudes from the participants. For example, some participants who received a score that showed a high degree of native-like pronunciation of phonemes indicated that they wanted to retain their non-native accent in the L2. Furthermore, while all participants indicated that they spoke with a non-native accent, only one responded that they were unhappy with their accent, even though 53% responded that they preferred to speak with a native-like accent, if possible. Though more research must be carried out, this study suggests that while Bulgarians still desire a native-like accent in L2 English, they are comfortable with their Bulgarian-accented English. "Submittted in Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the Degree of Master of Science in TESOL."; Thesis advisor: Leyla Zidani-Eroǧlu.; M.S.,Central Connecticut State University,,2015.;