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Food Security and Small Scale Aquaponics: A Case Study on the Northern Mariana Island of Rota

by Dustin Foskett

Institution: University of Oregon
Year: 2015
Keywords: Agroecology; Aquaponics; CNMI; Food Security; Northern Mariana Islands; Rota
Record ID: 2059229
Full text PDF: http://hdl.handle.net/1794/18751


Aquaponics has recently emerged on the global scene as a viable form of alternative agriculture. A combination of practices, such as growing and harvesting fish (aquaculture) along with "hydroponically" grown fruits and vegetables, aquaponics integrates traditional agriculture practices with twenty-first century scientific food producing methods. In this thesis, I analyze the literature on aquaponics and connect it firmly within the current social and environmental discussions of the food security discourse among Pacific Island Countries and Territories in order to provide a context of geographical relevance of fish and vegetable producing systems. I also provide data from the Northern Mariana Island of Rota to showcase why and how aquaponics may be a viable option for improving food security within such a context. I then argue that the aquaponic project on the island of Rota helps serve as one potential pathway to improving food security.