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An analytical look at trumpet solo works by Eug??ne Bozza, Vincent Persichetti, Halsey Stevens, Alexander Arutunian, Eric Ewazen, and Ernest Bloch

by Deborah Caldwell

Institution: Kansas State University
Department: Department of Music, Theatre, and Dance
Degree: MM
Year: 2015
Keywords: Analysis; Grand Valley fanfare; Music (0413); Bozza, Euge??ne, 1905-1991
Record ID: 2058144
Full text PDF: http://hdl.handle.net/2097/19072


This report is an analysis and exploration of the following works: Eug??ne Bozza???s Caprice, Vincent Persichetti???s The Hollow Men, Halsey Stevens???s Sonata for Trumpet and Piano, Alexander Arutunian???s Concerto for Trumpet, Ernest Bloch???s Proclamation, and Eric Ewazen???s Grand Valley Fanfare. The purpose of this report is to aid performance preparation of these pieces by providing thematic and formal analysis as well as identifying general unifying elements for each piece. Once identified, these patterns will help the performer communicate the broad musical ideas to the audience by finding a balance between the technical aspects and musical statements in each work.