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This case study investigated case-based pedagogy using student-teacher-generated cases as an instructional tool in the preparation of 12 pre-service ESL, Bilingual, and Modem Foreign Language teachers enrolled in a Student Teaching Seminar at a post-secondary institution. In the fall methods course, each participant generated a case study based on instructional challenges identified during pre-practicum observations. The instructor-researcher used the case method approach in the analysis of the 12 cases during the spring Student Teaching Seminar. Interviews, audio-taped discussions, pre- and post- case discussion reflection papers and critical incident reports were coded and analyzed. The results of the case study analyses indicate that, overall, case-based pedagogy using student-teacher-generated cases appears to lead to positive effects on participants' teacher knowledge, thinking and praxis. Participant-reported baniers to learning using this approach are presented, and suggestions for future implementations ofthis approach are discussed.