AbstractsPhilosophy & Theology

"Yuewang Goujian Shijia": An Annotated Translation

by Benjamin Daniels

Institution: University of Arizona
Year: 2013
Keywords: Goujian; Guoyu; Shiji; Yue; East Asian Studies; Fan Li
Record ID: 2000310
Full text PDF: http://hdl.handle.net/10150/293623


"Yuewang Goujian shijia," the forty-first chapter of the Shiji, is one of the most important sources for the history of the ancient state of Yue. However, this chapter has not received serious scholarly examination in the West. Unlike those chapters of the Shiji which have been translated in the Shiji translation project headed by William Nienhauser, "Yuewang Goujian shijia" has not yet been translated into English. This thesis provides an annotated translation of the "Yuewang Goujian shijia." In addition, it has been argued that the history of the Spring and Autumn period in the Shiji is a compilation of earlier sources. The introduction to the translation will specifically look at the relationship of the "Yuewang Goujian shijia" to one of its proposed sources, the "Yueyu xia," which is the twenty-first chapter of the Guoyu. In comparing these two texts, it will be shown that dependence cannot be definitely demonstrated.