AbstractsComputer Science

Data assessment in Oregon for SafetyAnalyst based on Highway Safety Manual Part B

by Meng Li

Institution: Oregon State University
Department: Civil Engineering
Degree: MS
Year: 2011
Keywords: SafetyAnalyst; Traffic safety  – Oregon  – Computer programs
Record ID: 1930319
Full text PDF: http://hdl.handle.net/1957/26328


The author of the Highway Safety Manual (HSM) Part B developed a predictive method for safety management. A software tool for highway safety system analysis called the SafetyAnalyst is developed basing on HSM Part B. The author describes an effort to evaluate the feasibility of SafetyAnalyst in Oregon. Seven sample highway sections in Oregon are selected to demonstrate the SafetyAnalyst network screening application. The purpose of this research is to assess if the SafetyAnalyst is compatible with current Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT) databases such as the Highway Inventory Detail Report, Lane Report, etc. The author also presents an effort to identify current data deficiencies and identify a feasible solution for addressing these deficiencies. SafetyAnalyst requires hundreds of input variables. Not all of these variables are included in the current Oregon database. Those input variables that require additional data collection are described as well. This thesis also includes a sensitivity test for input variables to prioritize required variables. Finally, the author determines that the SafetyAnalyst can be used in Oregon. This research also provides a variable priority for the SafetyAnalyst users.