Initial Examination of the English-language Dimensional Personality Symptom Item Pool

by Anna Ivanova

Institution: University of Toronto
Year: 2010
Keywords: personality measurement; developmental personality pathology; dimensional model of personality pathology; DIPSI
Record ID: 1873063
Full text PDF: http://hdl.handle.net/1807/18769


Dimensional models of personality pathology present a promising approach to the assessment of maladaptive personality in adults and children (eg. De Clercq, De Fruyt, & Widiger, 2009). In addition, recent findings show that some childhood maladaptive traits can be predictive of adulthood personality disorders (eg. Mervielde, De Clercq, De Fruyt, & Van Leeuwen, 2005). The Dimensional Personality Symptom Item Pool (DIPSI) is a questionnaire designed to measure maladaptive lower and higher order traits in children and adolescents. This study aims to examine the DIPSI’s scales and to replicate several previous findings of maladaptive trait patterns in children. The results indicate that the DIPSI’s lower and higher order trait scales are high in reliability and show many of the trait relationships suggested by previous literature. A successful outcome of this study serves as the first step towards establishing the DIPSI as a valid and useful measure of personality pathology in children.