Photonic Crystal Based Optical Devices

by Tao Liu

Institution: University of Arizona
Year: 2005
Keywords: photonic crystal; optical device; microfabrication
Record ID: 1766193
Full text PDF: http://hdl.handle.net/10150/193860


Photonic crystals have the capability to control electromagnetic waves due to the existence of photonic bandgap. The devices based on photonic crystal structures usually have the advantage of substantial size reduction compared to their conventional counterparts, which may lead to miniaturization and large-scale integration of optical and optoelectronic devices.In this dissertation, several novel optical devices based on photonic crystals are designed and analyzed, including a compact power splitter, a compact polarizing beam splitter, an optical intersection of nonidentical optical waveguides, and a single mode coupled resonator optical waveguide. The simulation results show superior advantages compared to their conventional counterparts. In addition, a new fabrication method based on combining a custom-built blue laser writer and the technique of optical holography is developed for the purpose of mass production of useful photonic crystal devices.