Predictors of reliance on children's self-care by urban black and white families in the United States

by Carol A Hoffman

Institution: Oberlin College Masters Theses
Department: Sociology
Degree: MA
Year: 1987
Keywords: Families and Family Life; Sociology; child care; childcare; self care; working; parents; children; black; white; income; household; child; reliance
Record ID: 1624247
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The theoretical basis for the present study derives fromthe recent emergence of child care as a major issue of socialpolicy and from the apparent influence of social networks onchild care practices. The review of the literature whichfollows will describe the development of concern over childcare policy and practice and the current state of researchrelative to it, with emphasis on studies of self-care. Furtherdiscussion of the role of social networks in child-care choicesand the general differences between blacks and whites in theuse of these networks will provide the basis for the hypothesisof the study.