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Nutrients required for milk production

by T. E. (Thompson Elwyn) Woodward

Institution: University of Missouri – Columbia
Year: 1911
Record ID: 1586790
Full text PDF: http://hdl.handle.net/10355/15591


There are three essentials to high yields of milk - proper kind of cows, proper care and management and proper feeding. This investigation will deal only with the last. No matter what the inherent dairy qualities of the cow may be nor how well she is cared for she may be rendered profitless by feeding too much or too little or by giving the wrong kind of feed. The proper feeding of cows is of great economic importance to dairymen everywhere. Feeding standards have been in use over 40 years and while modifications and improvements have been made in them none are as yet perfect. Investigators have realized the importance of proper feeding and have done considerable work at the various stations. It is quite surprising, however, after reviewing the literature on feeding to find out how very little we know on this subject. One trouble has been that all of the disturbing factors have not been eliminated from the investigations, and with comparatively few it is possible to attribute the results with any degree of definiteness to any one certain thing. Some work in the feeding of dairy cows has been done at this Station and accurate records have been kept; it is with the hope of furthering our knowledge concerning the nutrients required for milk production that this investigation is taken up. In addition to the data which is available at present from five Jersey cows it is planned to secure more from cows yielding normally a poorer grade of milk in order that information may be obtained on the nutrients required for milk varying in quality. No attempt will be made to determine the amount of protein required.