AbstractsLanguage, Literature & Linguistics


by Mengistu Melakneh

Institution: Addis Ababa University
Year: 1980
Record ID: 1570615
Full text PDF: http://etd.aau.edu.et/dspace/handle/123456789/4014


In a heterogeneous society like ours, the dormant culture naturally exerts its influence over the others directly or indirectly. Amharisation has hence drastically affected the numerous nationalities of the country chief amongst wham are the SouthernAgaws. As a result of this unchecked process of assimilation which emerged by the end of the 15th -century, their traditional oral treasures and the language are in the process of dying out. It then becomes imperative that attempts either to revive the language or to record# study .. and preserve their oral treasures for reasons of historical# cultural and literary significance should be made before they disappear altogether. The purpose of the study was thus to record some of the Southern Agaw folktales and examine their social-cultural significance through a thematic analysis as well as to determine their major motifs. The study has three main divisions. The first part which runs from chapter one to chapter three lays the foundation for the study i by describing the purpose and the scope of the study. the magnitude of the problem and the Socia-Historical background of the .Agaws in general and that of the Southern .Agaws in particular. Area of the study, methods of data collection and classification, the definition of terms used and an etyrrological explanation have also been included here. The second part which constitutes chapters IV and V, deals' with a of the selected tales. In a brief description of each tale or that of a group of tales as the case may bep is given after which the major themes they embody are pointed outo In chapter V. an attempt has been made to bring forth the major motifs of Southern AgaN folktales. This part has many divisions and subdivisiuns since the bulk of the work occurs here. The third part, the conclusion recapitulates the significant there's and motifs observe in the analysis and draws their significance in the Southern Agaw social-cultural milieu.