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The Kentucky-Tennessee boundary line.

by Charles Hugh Hardesty

Institution: University of Louisville
Department: Department of History
Degree: MA
Year: 1928
Record ID: 1561849
Full text PDF: http://ir.library.louisville.edu/etd/573


This dissertation is arranged in three parts. First is a bibliography of the material used in the study with a roster of the officials of each state that may have jurisdiction over any thing pertaining to the boundary line. Second is an account of the various efforts made by each of the states concerned to establish and confirm the line. Chapter one relates the efforts of the English Government to establish the line between Virginia and North Carolina. Chapter two is an account of the two states to establish the line, from the time they declared themselves free of English Government until they ceded their jurisdiction over the land that became Kentucky and Tennessee. Chapters three and four relate the many efforts of Kentucky and Tennessee to establish a boundary line. Chapter five is simply an account of the cost to the two states of the final survey made by the Joint Commission of the two states. Part III is a compilation of the documentary sources of the United States and the several states concerned, arranged in chronological order.