Stagnation point heat transfer in a relaxing gas: Relaxation effects on stagnation poiny heat transfer

by Robert E. (Robert Elliott) Wilson

Institution: Oregon State University
Department: Mechanical Engineering
Degree: PhD
Year: 1963
Keywords: Gas dynamics
Record ID: 1558943
Full text PDF: http://hdl.handle.net/1957/48960


Stagnation point heat transfer in a gas undergoing relaxation of its internal energy is examined by solution of the equations of motion using the two temperature approach of Wang Chang and Uhlenbeck. The results are presented in parametric form and show that relaxation effects produce an adiabatic wall temperature above the free stream stagnation temperature, which is related to the thermal conductivity of the ''inert" mode, the dimensionless relaxation length, the ratio of the translational mode temperature to the temperature of the relaxing mode at the edge of the boundary layer, and the magnitude of the internal energy undergoing relaxation. An experiment is described whereby the thermal conductivity of the "inert" mode, which is unknown, may be determined from adiabatic wall temperature measurements.