AbstractsSocial Work

Possibilities of casework with pre-puberal children.

by Eleanor A. Simpson

Institution: McGill University
Department: School of Social Work.
Degree: Master of Social Work.
Year: 1950
Keywords: Social Work.
Record ID: 1555088
Full text PDF: http://digitool.library.mcgill.ca/thesisfile124258.pdf


This thesis is designed to explore the social casework practiced with a group of twenty-four children aged ten to twelve years referred to a Child Guidance Clinic and with their families. The main purpose is to reveal the most effective ways of helping children of this age with any behaviour difficulties which may arise. To accomplish this end, a study was first made of the types of problems presented by twenty-four children. These included various forms of anti social behaviour, certain manifestations of emotional disturbance, and difficulties in the areas of school work or relationships with adults and children. The factors underlying the problems were explored, and information was obtained about what could be done and what was done in the way of treatment. The writer’s interest centered largely upon those areas in which the caseworker was able to use her knowledge and casework skills to help the patient and his family- It was found that the worker’s goal in casework treatment was to a considerable extent dependent upon the findings and recommendations made by the psychiatrist. The 10-12 year age group was selected because children in this age group have not been described extensively in child guidance literature.[...]