The recovery of sodium sulphite cooking liquor.

by Gordon Henry. Gribbins

Institution: McGill University
Department: Department of English.
Degree: MA.
Year: 1939
Keywords: English.
Record ID: 1551106
Full text PDF: http://digitool.library.mcgill.ca/thesisfile131666.pdf


In the investigation of this problem the major part of the time was spent in the construction, erection and adaptation of the required equipment to incineration of waste liquor. A great deal of space could be filled describing the various mechanical difficulties encountered; for example, considerable time was spent in attempting to adapt a belt and pulley auxiliary drive mechanism to rotate the furnace. This was eventually scrapped and a chain and sprocket drive used. It is deemed advisable, however, to omit such descriptive details from this treatise, as they would be uninteresting and of minor value to future readers. [...]