AbstractsBiology & Animal Science

Normal stages of the early development of the Barbados flying fish Hirundichthys affinis (Gunther).

by John. W. Evans

Institution: McGill University
Department: Department of Biology.
Degree: MS.
Year: 1959
Keywords: Zoology.
Record ID: 1548274
Full text PDF: http://digitool.library.mcgill.ca/thesisfile111755.pdf


The regulation of any fishery depends for its direction upon the knowledge of the biology of the fish involved. The flying fish, Hirundichthys affinis, is the main source of animal protein available to the 210,000 people living on the island of Barbados. This is only the first in a series of studies sponsored by the Barbados Government in the attempt to intelligently regulate this essential fishery. This work deals with the development of the flying fish from the freshly fertilized egg up to the young fish about 10 days old and about 15mm. in length. Methods of identification of the eggs and young fish are given in an attempt to bridge the gap between the very young fish and the adults.