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The dramatic work of David Mallet

by Gerald A. Kirk

Institution: Rice University
Year: 1959
Keywords: Biographies
Record ID: 1548008
Full text PDF: http://hdl.handle.net/1911/18325


In this study of Mallett's dramatic work, I have relied heavily on four collections of letters: the correspondence found in the first two volumes of Aaron Hill's Works (1753), George Sherburn's Correspondence of Alexander Pope, Alan D. McKillop's Letters and Documents of James Thomson, and David Mason Little's unpublished Letters of David Mallet. Unless otherwise indicated, references to these collections cite letters, not introductory material or annotations. But the summary of Mallet's life given in the first chapter is based mainly upon the introductory essays in Little's Letters and Frederick Dinsdale's edition of Mallet's Ballads and Songs (1857). Other sources used in the summary are specifically noted. The biographical material elaborated upon in succeeding chapters is built of information drawn from the correspondence indicated above.