Iron and Manganese in Potable Water

by Clifford Caudy Young

Institution: University of Kansas
Department: Chemistry
Degree: MS
Year: 1911
Record ID: 1545299
Full text PDF: http://hdl.handle.net/1808/8480


In the presentation of this thesis the subject matter has been divided into three sections. The first to be a comparison of the different methods for the determination of Manganese in water with special reference to accuracy and availability for routine work. The second to be devoted to the occurrence of Iron and Manganese in waters, the characteristics of such waters, and a survey of the State of Kansas to obtain some information as to the localities where such waters were to be found. The third and last section to be a review of American and European practices and experience with Iron and Manganese waters, and the methods of removal when the waters are to be used as public supplies or for industrial purposes.