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The location, construction, and maintenance of the Rabbit Ears Pass Forest Highway

by Julian Greenway Huckins

Institution: Missouri University of Science and Technology
Year: 1933
Record ID: 1541602
Full text PDF: http://hdl.handle.net/10355/27061


"The Bureau Public Roads, Department of Agriculture, has jurisdiction over the construction of, and Federal Aid Funds expended on, the Federal Aid Highways thruout the United States, Alaska, and Hawaii. It may not be generally known that the Bureau is also in direct charge of the location, construction, and maintenance of all National Forest Highways under the Department of Agriculture and all National Park Highways under the Department of the Interior. District No. 3 of the Bureau Public Roads, with headquarters in Denver, is composed of the States of Wyoming, Colorado, New Mexico, and the Black Hills Region of South Dakota. The district includes several important National Parks, of which Yellowstone, Rocky Mountain, and Mesa Verde are probably the most famous, and many more National Forests which are too numerous to mention here. The vast areas of the Public Lands of the Rocky Mountain section of this country may be likened to a chain stretching almost continuously from the Canadian Line to the Mexican Border whose links are the many individual National Forests and Parks that lie along the crest of and adjacent to the Continental Divide. Since most of these reservations are located at higher altitudes and on some of the most rugged terrain to be found in the world. any proposed improvements within their borders must necessarily involve certain peculiar problems which are not encountered elsewhere. In this report, the writer has endeavored to present a comprehensive account of the many circumstances contributing to one of the major problems, together with the solution thereof" – Foreword, p. [iii].