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Concentration of ores by flotation

by John Gay Reilly

Institution: Missouri University of Science and Technology
Year: 1917
Record ID: 1489382
Full text PDF: http://hdl.handle.net/10355/26069


"Flotation is a new step in the separation of valuable minerals from gangue. This process has only been in commercial use for about six years. There has been several theories advances as to how the ore is concentrated, and the theory that is now usually accepted is that the oil covers or wets the sulphide mineral particle and does not the gangue; and this mineral particle, by means of induced aid is concentrated on the surface. The authors of this thesis have not attempted to explain the reason or reasons why minerals will float; but have accepted the theories advanced by men far more capable, but we have worked on the assumption that sphalerite, the sulphide of zinc, according to all flotation theory will float, so our problem narrowed down to one fact which can be stated in the one word - How" – p. 1.