AbstractsEarth & Environmental Science

The geology of a portion of north-western Albany

by Alexander Ross Wright

Institution: Rhodes University
Department: Faculty of Science, Geology
Degree: MS
Year: 0
Keywords: Geology  – South Africa  – Eastern Cape
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[Introduction] During 1965 the author, in looking for a project for a thesis to be submitted for the degree of Master of Science in Geology, decided to map a suitable region in order to gain experience in geological field work. The exact nature of the region itself was of no great importance, but since this study was to be conducted through Rhodes University, it was decided that an area, as near to Grahamstown as possible, would be the most suitable. With this in view, the geologist in charge of the Grahamstown Office of the Geological Survey was invited to suggest an area suitable for study, and if possible, to obtain financial assistance. He indicated the region which has been mapped and which will eventually form part of the proposed sheet 143. It is immediately adjacent to, and to the west of the 1:125,000 sheet 136 of Grahamstown completed by Mountain in 1940.