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Generational motivation and preference for reward and recognition in a South African facilities management firm

by Donné Sue Close

Institution: University of South Africa
Year: 2015
Keywords: Generation; Motivation; Reward; Recognition; Facilities; Baby Boomer; Veteran; Generation X; Generation Y; Reward preference
Record ID: 1411928
Full text PDF: http://hdl.handle.net/10500/18558


Generational sub-groups have been stereotyped as requiring different approaches in the workplace with regard to what keeps them motivated. This research study was conducted from a humanistic-existential paradigm, seeking to find ways to avoid the demotivation of employees that can result from one-size fits all reward and recognition policies. The research attempts to establish the existence and nature of generational differences. Two quantitative measuring instruments, namely the Rewards Preferences Questionnaire (RPQ) and the Motivation Measure, were distributed electronically to all staff of a South African facilities management firm. The findings indicated that there are generational sub-group preferences for certain types of reward, and different perceptions about what types of reward attract, motivate and retain employees. They can be motivated differently by some reward structures. However, for others there was no obvious preference among the generational sub-groups. The main recommendation of the study is that companies adopt a flexible approach to reward and recognition, allowing employees to tailor reward structures according to their needs. Remuneration is the most preferred method of rewarding employees across all generations.