AbstractsComputer Science

A Web-Based Database Application as an Analysis Tool for Energy Use and Carbon Dioxide Emission

by Biray Jr Turan

Institution: Högskolan i Halmstad
Year: 0
Keywords: Software; Database; PHP; MySQL; LAMP; Web-based application; Energy; Computer Systems Technology; Datorsystemteknik; Technology; teknik
Record ID: 1363607
Full text PDF: http://urn.kb.se/resolve?urn=urn:nbn:se:hh:diva-4251


The aim of this thesis project was to migrate an existing excel-based application, used to analyze energy use and carbon dioxide emission of companies, to a web-based application. Special development questions were put around which software development process, solution stack and user interface to be used according to the company needs. The spiral lifecycle model has been chosen because it provides a clear view of the process and has the concept of early prototypes. A solution stack based on Linux, Apache, PHP and MySQL has been chosen because such approach has met the company requirements in terms of cost, security, support, and maintenance. As a result, the developed web-based system overcomes the problems normally found in excel-based applications, such as application deployment and maintenance, and provides a more usable and richer user interface.