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Comparison of angular measurements by 2D and 3D gait analysis

by Marika Daugaard

Institution: Jönköping University
Year: 0
Record ID: 1362749
Full text PDF: http://urn.kb.se/resolve?urn=urn:nbn:se:hj:diva-6588


<strong>Abstract</strong> <strong>Objective: </strong>To validate the use of a 2-dimensional video based system (Hu-m-an digitizing software, HMA Technology Inc. Ontario, Canada), for measuring sagital plane knee and ankle angles during gait analysis. <strong>Design: </strong>Criterion-based, concurrent validation. <strong>Participants: </strong>18 persons without any gait disorders. <strong>Method: </strong>The participants were subjected to simultaneous capture of their motion data with a digital video camera filming in the sagital plane only, and a 3-dimensional optoelectronic motion capture system (Qualisys Medical AB, Gothenburg, Sweden). The data was analyzed both using Hu-m-an digitizing software (HMA Technology Inc. Ontario, Canada) and Visual 3D (C-motion Inc., Kingston, Canada) respectively. <strong>Outcome: </strong>Relative angles for the knee and ankle. <strong>Results: </strong>Significant difference was found between the systems for measuring ankle angles (p<0,05). No significant difference was found for measuring knee angles at stance, but significant differences was present during swing and at IC (p<0,05). Even though significant differences were found, the correlation, between the two systems, was high for the knee, and moderate to high for the ankle. <strong>Conclusion: </strong>Hu-m-an digitizing software (HMA Technology Inc. Ontario, Canada) has been demonstrated to be a promising tool for measuring 2-dimensional sagital plane knee and ankle angles, but cannot be validated from this study alone. <strong>Keywords: </strong>Gait measurement, validation, 2-dimensional analysis, 3-dimensional analysis, digitizing, kinematics, joint angles. ; <strong>Sammanfattning</strong> <strong>Målsättning: </strong>Att validera användningen av ett 2-dimensionellt videobaserat system (Hu-m-an digitizing software, HMA Technology Inc. Ontario, Canada), för att mäta knä- och ankelvinklar i sagittalplanet under gång. <strong>Design: </strong>Criterion-based, concurrent validation. <strong>Deltagare: </strong>18 personer utan gångproblem. <strong>Metod: </strong>Deltagarens rörelsemönster mättes av en digital videokamera som filmade i sagittalplanet och av ett 3-dimensionellt optoelektroniskt rörelsesanalyssystem (Qualisys Medical AB, Gothenburg, Sweden) samtidigt. Data analyserades genom att använda både Hu-m-an digitaliseringsmjukvara (HMA Technology Inc. Ontario, Canada) och Visual 3D (C-motion Inc., Kingston, Canada). <strong>Undersökta parametrar: </strong>Relativa vinklar för knä och ankel. <strong>Resultat: </strong>Signifikant skillnad observerades mellan systemen vid mätning av ankelvinkeln (p<0,05). Ingen signifikant skillnad observerades vid mätning av knävinklar i ståfasen, men signifikant skillnad observerades i svingfasen och vid hälkontakt (p<0,05). Även om det fanns en…