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Understanding Sexuality - The popes' teachings on sex and partnership

by Glorianne Georgii

Institution: Högskolan i Halmstad
Year: 0
Keywords: popes teachings; sex; partnerships; catholic teachings; natural family planning; contraceptives; artificial birth control; Religion; Religionsvetenskap; humaniora/teologi; Humanities, Theology
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The subject of sexuality has been one of the most heated issues of the Popes throughout the history of the Catholic Church. The topics discussed by the various popes over the years, regarding sexuality, are limited to marriage, the conjugal act, the decline in morals, natural and artificial birth control, abortion, as well as more recently, modern methods of assisted reproduction. Moral changes and trends in modern society have had an impact on Catholic Religion. Modern society faces a culture that influences norms and expectations and seems to accept free sexuality. The popes respond slowly or not at all to these cultural trends.