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Kawea mai te wā o mua, hei konei, hei āpōpō Bring the past to the present for the future

by Maree Alicia Hiria Sheehan

Institution: AUT University
Year: 0
Keywords: Maori; Music; Ceativity; Maori; Creativity
Record ID: 1312826
Full text PDF: http://hdl.handle.net/10292/7982


This project examines how composing contemporary waiata (song) both musically and lyrically, provides a vehicle to explore and express cultural identity. The expression of cultural identity relates to the composer and her creative processes within Māori cultural understandings and tikangā Māori (cultural practices). Hei konei te wā o mua (Past to the present) and Kia tu mahea (To be free) are contemporary waiata Māori that express cultural knowledge and cultural identity. The examination of the creative processes and the tikangā Māori applied with each waiata provide a vehicle to explore the expression of these cultural concepts. This is explored by the composer through an independent, self-determined approach as an expression of tino rangātiratangā (sovereignty and self-determination). The audio recordings and lyric sheets of Hei konei te wā o mua and Kia tu mahea will be presented as tangible artefacts that capture the expression and exploration of cultural knowledge and cultural identity.