AbstractsBusiness Management & Administration

Best practise for managing youth workers

by Jonathan Bell

Institution: AUT University
Year: 0
Keywords: Youth work; Management; Qualitative
Record ID: 1299907
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The aim of this research is to examine experiences in the management of youth work from the perspective of both youth workers and their managers. From these experiences will emerge some themes which contribute to a model of best practise in managing youth workers. Some important principles of management which lead to improving organisational culture and employee performance will provide a framework for discussing information gained from structured interviews with ten people working as or managing Youth Workers. They will include a range of management theories including the theories of McGregor (2000) regarding the encouragement of employee performance, as well as the ideas of Bruce et al (2009) regarding the four developmental needs of young people. The outcome of the research will be a discussion of theory and practise which increases the managers’ understanding of the unique needs of youth workers in delivering their best performance.