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The small GTPase Rab7b is localized to late endosomes and lysosomes and to the Golgi apparatus, and regulates the intracellular transport from late endosomal compartments to the Golgi. However, not much is known about Rab7b, and as the Rab GTPases are central for ensuring efficiency and directionality of intracellular trafficking, it is important to characterize them to elucidate the mechanisms underlying membrane transport specificity. In this study we investigated and characterized Rab7b’s role in the cell by looking for its interaction partners. We ordered a commercial Yeast-Two-Hybrid screening service, and found putative Rab7b interactors. By using biochemical and imaging techniques we have further confirmed the interaction. The finding of a new interaction partner of Rab7b is important to better understand its role in the cell and also the molecular mechanisms regulating its transport.