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In the past decades, the popularity for inserting dental implants has been increasing. Just in the US alone, they are inserting 700 000 implants per year (Group 2003) and is expecting to increase even more, with 9.4 % for the next couple of years. Principle of implants and osseointegration is basically recreation of functional organ or tissue, which can replace the sick or lost tissue. The quality of fixation between the implant-surface and bone is important factor to the implant-bone interface. Usually the evaluation of osseointegration has been done by histomorphometrique analysis. It is a destructive method and during making the preparation of the samples, it can arise artifacts. Micro-CT measures trabecular and cortical bone in micro level. It evaluates the qualitative and quantitative morphometric values of the bone and the ossification around the implant. The data from micro-CT can be the foundation for further analysis. It can give us valuable mathematical modeling of tooth tissue.