The Right to Employment for People with Disabilities : A Study on Jordan

by Lena Bitar

Institution: University of Oslo
Year: 2013
Keywords: VDP::340
Record ID: 1274847
Full text PDF: https://www.duo.uio.no/handle/10852/35943



The Right to Employment for People with Disabilities: A Study on Jordan This study examines the implementation of international human rights laws and legislation in an attempt to answer the main research question of why people with disabilities in Jordan find it difficult to obtain employment. It describes the current situation from two perspectives; one theoretical and the other qualitative. The former analyzes international standards and their internalization into domestic laws, while the latter is an analysis of interviews which led to determining the relevant factors which answer the thesis question. A limited word count and research time, are reasons for the focus on people with physical disabilities. The research was conducted in Amman in a three week period and was based on interviewing various representatives that covered the scope of governmental and private initiatives responsible for promoting and protecting the rights of people with disabilities. Focus however, was targeted most importantly at the governmental institutions created to eliminate obstacles that hinder people with disabilities in achieving just and equal employment. This thesis is an important work, for it is a collective study for all the efforts that have been undertaken so far. It determines that awareness, accessibility, transportation, institutional networking, competent monitoring and equal vocational training are factors that should be addressed together and without distinction. It concludes with a positive connotation; Jordan is progressing in respecting disability rights, although progress is slow. With mutual cooperation and sincere dedication, progress is bound to speed up and lead to success. The rights of people with disabilities in Jordan are not given full priority, however, by working on the aforementioned factors, and developing adequate pressure groups, the right to employment would be one of many rights awaiting to be guaranteed as international and national laws stipulate, creating a society where all individuals with physical and other disabilities are socially active and productive.