How designers can facilitate DIY design: development of an open workshop:

by N.C. Perdeck

Institution: Delft University of Technology
Year: 2015
Keywords: DIY; design; workshop; co-design; mass-customization; do-it-yourself
Record ID: 1241283
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The role of professional designers changes as a result of open information, fast prototyping techniques and the growing need for personalized products. This graduation project focuses on the role of professional designers in the facilitation of DIY for the home. A research is conducted to find out how a designer can best facilitate DIY design. The conclusions of this research are summed up in guidelines for Design for DIY.To further specify what designers can do, a concept is developed as an example of a possible solution. The concept consists of an open workshop and guiding sheets for household products: MaakPlaats and MijnDing. The concept is tested and evaluated with prototypes and test workshops, leading to a final design proposal.